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Our Publisher/Self-Publisher Interface is now available!


Authors with valid ePub or PDF format eBooks can now create a publisher's account and upload books to KaiReader!
To take advantage of this, please register a new account and check the "Publisher/Self-Author Account" box above the submit button.
You will need to accept the KaiReader Electronic Publication Distribution Agreement in order to continue.

After creating a publishers account, you will be able to access your very own Publisher's area, where you can upload new books, set and change prices and other data such as description, genre/category, DRM and so on. You may add free books, but for paid books there is a minimum customer price of USD $0.50.

If you encounter any problems, please contact support so we can fix them up ASAP!

KaiReader is now accepting e-Book submissions!


KaiReader is currently accepting submissions of e-Books to place for sale (or for free) on this platform. If you have a prepared EPUB or PDF format e-Book with an ISBN, we would love to hear from you!

For those Authors who have e-Books available for free, please use our contact form to let us know, and we will let you know where to submit your files, so we can get your book into the system as soon as possible and increase your potential audience!

Authors with books to sell, we'd love to hear from you too! Naturally you'll want to know about pricing, payments and such, so contact us through the contact form if you would like to hear more and with any questions you may have!

Ready to publish but not quite there yet? For a limited time, KaiReader is also offering free assistance to turn your manuscript into an e-book!
We will take your completed manuscript* in Word or similar (e.g. RTF), format it correctly for conversion to EPUB format if required, perform that conversion, and place your DRM-protected (if desired) e-book for sale at a price of your choice on the KaiReader platform. And even after we've done all that work, you still get 70% of the revenue!
If you already have an ISBN, you're welcome to use it, but up to the end of 2014, we are offering to cover the cost of purchasing an ISBN.
If you do not have a cover for your e-Book, have a look here - .
You are welcome to take the finished EPUB file and submit it to other retail stores/publishers.
Please Contact Us to take advantage of this offer!

WHY would we do this? Just like many of you, we're just starting out and trying to make a name for ourselves. We need authors like yourselves to help build our content offerings to attract readers to our platform. New e-Books will be featured on the front page of the KaiReader website & apps and we hope that you will recommend our platform to your friends, families, acquaintances and fellow writers while we make our best effort to get your books read!

It costs you NOTHING to take advantage of this offer. You have nothing to lose!

*We do recommend that your manuscript has been proof-read and edited prior to conversion, to increase the likelihood of happy readers who will come back for more. This is a necessary step in the process of publishing any book, but unfortunately we cannot supply this service at this time. While we do not have the resources to check books with a fine tooth comb, if the quality of a submitted manuscript is obviously poor, or reported by readers to be poor, KaiReader reserves the right to reject/remove it.

The KaiReader team is preparing to launch...


The KaiReader team is preparing to launch the new KaiReader Website later this year, along with updated versions of the iOS and Android KaiReader Apps!
The KaiReader Website will include self-service functions allowing publishers to sign in to manage and add books, and users will be able to browse available books, mark favorites and purchase books which will then be available on internet-connected mobile devices via the KaiReader apps for easy reading convenience!

Get the App for free!

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